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so, due to me having to watch what I eat I started to be very interested in the food - topic and man was I surprised about what I was able to find.

first I must say I life in an awesome country, where vegetables and fruits are not only grown with high standard and lots of control against bad insecticides (yeah but too have the bee disappearing problem so yes some insecticides and fertilizers are used obviously) and also we do import vegetables and fruits growin in the big food plants in italy and spain- which all leads to the fact that here in austria one can afford to buy and eat vegetables and fruit, which makes a difference for the people living here at large, and me in particularly since my brain needs fresh food

secondly I found out that in america- the big us, the land where dreams come true, most people can't afford to buy fresh food as shown in the 2012 movie Food, INC by robert keller talking about how food for the us is made and put to the marked- here is a vid of an interview he did about the movie

so after I watched that I tried to find other studies about food and if there are other and I found this awesome vids on youtube I would like to share with you:

1. this a documentary about how food influences health
this is a series, it has different parts but you should go and check it out, because some of the things you learn are actually awesome!!!

2. The Food that make Billions it is a movie about how morning cereals changed the morning habits of people in the uk and world wide, its a slow documentary but a good one, because:
its interesting to watch because you see how one side is proud of what is happening and the other is worried, and thinking about the future and just for them but for all of us,
this movie made me think about my own habits a lot
and it also makes it a little bit more understanding how food on the free market works, and tells you thing you most probably never heard before
ps: i was irritated because the first to songs in the choco wheels part- the first is from the XX and the second from MGMT it both times they hit my fav songs of the bands - thanks for that mind-link I did not need!

3.The Secrets of Sugar
to add up variety the last one I present you here with another documentary from canada, and its about to tell you about sugar and where you find it and what it does
I must confess this made me quite happy to know that I switched my eating habits and even bake my own bread and so I am in control of the sugar intake I have

so that was a part of what I found about how wrong food has a very negative impact on our bodies, if you are interesting check out youtube and go from there, there is a lot to know about food - names to know if you are interested in reading you should start with the name and the stuff from Michael Pollan he is just awesome- I promise!

but I also found out about other studies about food that were done or are being done, I want to talk about its about the research beeing done by Bernard Gesch he reported about how healthy food lightens our mood and makes us less aggressive, re reports from studies done in prisons how healthy food made for them to a somewhat better life.
and I think thats it what is important

so what did I learn after throwing myself into a little (very small and tiny) food research:

  1. our food, what we eat is a war going on between small farmers and big concerns, between healthy for the environment and us and profit profit porofit

  2. even if you have the feeling that you have no choice, there is a choice and you choose to make it when you buy preprepared food or when you buy fresh ingredients

  3. food works in our body in all of our body, i myself know this by experience, and so we have to be aware of what we eat and especially of how much we eat of that what we are eating

  4. the how much is the most important part ever! its ok to eat cake, its ok to like chocolate, but the quantities in which we eat those things is what really matters when it comes down to our health

  5. food is about feeling good, feeling healthy and when you ask people that you know and who eat preprepared food regularly most of them don't say: "yes, my food makes me feel good and healthy" they are more answering int he lines of: "no, it does not make me really feel good, but its tasty enough and fast and I don't have to do to much, so I save time", but I ask myself in these days, is it really good for us to save time at our food intake time, or could we not save time by being less on the internet,on social sites, game sites ect?

at the end everyone must decide for them self or wait till your docs make the decisions for them
btw if you think cooking is very time consuming and undoable in this time of age here is a nice site that helped me when I did not know what to cook: SortedFood they are really good and everything is made fresh and easy done at home

so hopefully you can take something from this entry away too, i did that just for fun, and with very limited time, but i think what we eat is a topic we all should get involved rather today than tomorrow
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a few days ago, Gideon Lewis-Kraus interviewed the makers of auto correct. the article can be found and read here.

whats very interesting when you think about it, is how auto correct has changed our way of writing and thinking. I don't know about you, but me personal, still types most of what I need to type first in the plain Editor and then I print it, reread it and try to cancel out all the mistakes I made. and only after that I put it in word and let auto correct tell me what I missed. so yes, I am still going the long way round, having it disabled at my mobile phone too.

but does that mean that I am not dependent on auto correct, as Lewis-Kraus points out that most of us are these days? no way! I am because I want my texts to leave a image of: yes, I can type and write very well, thank you.

but when it comes to language, for us Germans (and I think the English too, through my research on them was not very deep) in opposition to the French (don't know if that one is still working) , Chinese, Japanese (that one was shut down, might do an entry on it later on) have NO political agency that dictates how we need to write and what is true and correct and what is just plain wrong.
in succession this means that really there is no wrong in German and maybe English (tell me if there are any agency out there)

what we think of as wrong spelling/word crimes/cruelty to language is not against rules it's against a norm. we where taught: "this is how German is written.this is what a sentence is. this is how you use verbs, nouns, adjectives and everything else."
but really these are just norms, made by big organizations like for German: Der Duden.
this is a bunch of people - in these days mostly journalists, in the past some of them, and further in the past most of them very linguistic experts- who sit together and decide how they think German should be written. and then the weird process starts. because then the ministry for education comes and says: "uhh yeah, you did a new thing, didn't you. well, thats so very kind, we are going to make it a highly desired recommendation that your rules should be applied to what our kids write in school and higher education."
and thats how the norms, that some of you see often discard come to existence. so really no rules.
I can only guess that in the English language its the same- but do not take my word for it, not an expert there!

but- and thats a BIG sociological BUT:
we as people are more sensitive to broken norms than to broken rules!
we feel that rules reduce our freedom and so we in large do not like them very well. on the other hand we feel that norms are a way of proper conduct that we like to preserve and see correctly acted on.

so what does it really mean when auto correct influences how we write and that word crimes are something we have the feel to fight against?
I would be interested to know what you might think about,
my personal opinion is: it means we have more time to think about what we write instead of how. and that of course the norms we grew up to know will be better preserved than those of our grandparents or others ever before, but I think there are a lot more of hidden aspects, that I did not touch here, and might not even have ever thought about

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