Jan. 25th, 2017

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so before i go into this, and show you my nice list that i have, let me make one thing perfectly clear: i compare anime to anime! so the manga has nothing to do with it.
i'm also a huge, sailor moon fan! like i watch all the old episodes 200 of them nearly on a yearly basis! and i read the manga way to often because it is that beautiful and i like it that much.
so yes i am not easy to please...

my list - spoilers and opinion included! )

i really believe that a chance was missed here by first wanting to put too much into too little episodes and by saying "ok we only stick to the manga now and leave the old animation behind". from a marketing point of view i can see why they chose that route, but most of the fans who liked the first anime so much and watched it over and over and shared it with they kids were disappointed or simply though of it as hilarious but not that good. in the end it did not pay of well for them... but these stunts rarely do.

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