Jan. 6th, 2017

smirkingcat: (stumped)
my parents gave me for christmas a cinema trip, and i could decide which movie to go.
i chose assassins creed for 2 reasons: 1.i fucking adore the vid-games, like i play all of them over and over and over (i still need to get part 3 and 4 though and i'm not so sure if i like the american world with my assassins creed that much really)
2. michael fassbender! ever since 'shame' he simply convinced me that he is a great actor and while there are some projects he did, which i am not that fond of, most of his work is awesome
so at first i was very, very excited to go
yesterday night before the movie i had a break-down into worry-land. what if it was bad? what if it wasn't like in the games, what if fassbender did it wrong?
well, here is me after the movie and long version short: i'm still conflicted!

long version - there might be spoilers, depending on what you think is a spoiler so read with caution )

if you have seen it, or are going to see it- tell me later what you think/thought about it, i would be interested in hearing about it!

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