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Title:The truth of the cake
Author:[ profile] smirkingcat
Word Count: 1.406
Summary: The cake reveals the truth, and Harry has to face it.
Warnings: unbetaed,
Notes: This is part of apparently what will be an ongoing series. Click if you want to read Part I but it may be read on its own.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.

dear [ profile] sophie_french Happiest of Happy Birthday to you!
it's another year, so here we go with another installment in your verse!
i hope you are doing well, and i wish you all the best *hugs* lots of health and fun and smiles in your life with an extra-portion luck on top!
this time i give you something to smile at!
please enjoy!

Happy Birthday Sophie )
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Title: :The Future, Cake and Love
Author:[ profile] smirkingcat
Word Count:1,253
Summary: Hard decisions can be very hard, but chocolate cake makes it all better!
Warnings: not beta read! slightly more flangst than i normally do
Notes: This is part of apparently what will be an ongoing series. Click if you want to read Part I but it can be read very well on its own.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.

dear [ profile] sophie_french HAPPY HAPPY Birthday! i wish you all the best and also a bright and lucky day! and i hope this small fic of mine, will make you a little happy too! also apparently you have your own verse with me now- because those two belong to the same story as the one last year- somehow they just came back to me (i hope that is alright with you) please have fun reading it! *fingers crossed that you might enjoy it a little*

The Future, Cake and Love )
Part 3
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dear [ profile] sophie_french i wish you all the best for your birthday and that you have a great day and be treated extremely well today, just like you should be everyday!
and because it is your birthday I have a tiny gift for you!
I hope you enjoy it

Disclaimer: no money made, all HP characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and all the marketing that owns one share or another (no clue really - sorry for being so uninformed), this is for fun and fanfiction!
Word Count: 1.000
Rating: G
Summary: Harry being puzzled, but Dracos idea was great!
warning: this was not beta-read! be aware of horrible mistakes!
authors note: this is for you because you always encourage me to write and provide endless information about stuff I really never ever thought about, and because you are a very nice person and it is always fun to talk to you. this is pure crack and I hope a little fluff too, but I am not too sure about it, but I hope you will like it!

The cake in the fridge, or how Harry learned something new about cake

"Draco, did you put a birthday cake in the fridge?" Harry asked standing in front of said open refrigerator looking baffled.

"Yes, of course I did, otherwise it would have had to crawl in there on its own, wouldn't it?" was Dracos swift reply from just over the kitchen counter.

"Ok, let me rephrase that. Why did you put a birthday cake in the fridge? Especially seeing as there is no birthday to celebrate." asked Harry again, after having taken a step back from the fridge to look at Draco.

"Well, for several reasons, and all of them alone would suffice for the cake in its current position." answered Draco still not ruffled by Harrys questions.

"Well, then please be so kind and enlighten me, since our house is already drowning in Christmas sweets, I fail to understand how you see need for more, especially a birthday cake." Sometimes Harry really could not understand what was going on in the genius mind of his beautiful boyfriend. It was just not making any bloody sense at all!

"Well for once I wanted it, so I bought it. Then of course it is so beautiful, that was why I wanted it in the first place. For another reason it has my favorite flavors combined: It is, after all, a double chocolate cake, with chocolate cream and cherries and cherry jam, so of course after reading what was inside it, I had no other choice then wanting it, so again I bought it because of that." Draco reasoned finally taking his eyes of his book and looking back to Harry.

"Uhmhm...ok, and so now that you have it, what are you gonna do with it?"; Harry asked. It was, after all, still a birthday cake, and maybe someone out there was now having a birthday without a cake, because Draco had to have this one.

"Eat it, of course. In fact, why don't you bring it over, and I will set the table and we can eat it together." Draco said, delighted by his idea and standing up to get plates.

"But it is a birthday cake. We can't eat that!" Harry demanded. Why could Draco see no reason? This was serious misuse of a birthday cake! Draco got to understand that!

"Potter, I know. But I paid for it, and now we are going to eat it." Draco, Harry was sure, was rolling his eyes on him once again.

"You are aware of the custom of eating birthday cakes on ones actual birthday? In fact I know you are, remembering the tower of cake you had three years ago, or the five cakes just this year." Harry tried to reason with Draco once more.

"Potter, there is no rule that says you can't eat birthday cake on non birthday days. In fact I am not aware of any cake-eating-rules at all, and since we both know that you and law codices are not in an very intimate relationship, I am the established authority in that regard right now, and you have to believe me." Draco had said and after setting the table, came to fetch the cake, giving Harry a quick peck on his cheek.

"Cake-eating-rules my ass, this is wrong. So, so wrong." Harry mumbled behind the fridge door before closing it.
He took his seat and accepted his cake laded plate.

"Happy not birthday birthday- cake- day then." Draco smiled and started eating his cake without any worries.

Harry still was mumbling some nonsense about tradition and so forth, but as the cake touched his tongue he had to cut back a moan, just to hear it slip out anyway. This was good. This was so good that all the wrongness could not change the goodness. This was brilliant and the chocolate melted in his mouth and it was cold but turning warm and sweet instantly. And the fluffy sponge was beyond description.

"So, how do you like the birthday cake, Harry?" Draco asked with a sly smile on his lips. "Is it any good? Or is your conscience forbidding you to eat more of this cake, since it is neither your nor my birthday. You know, I would offer myself willingly to save you from the hardship of eating cake." Draco teased.

"I never doubted the taste of the cake, only the use." Harry shot back and tucked the plate a little closer to him. He knew, that Draco would never go for his plate, never did so in all the years they were together. They shared food, but Draco always puts his plate next to Harry's so that Harry can decide what he would want to try from his partners plate and what he wanted to share with Draco. But still, this was about birthday cake, and Draco was a Syltherin to the core, so precaution could not be wrong.

"It is not wrong to enjoy cake, and especially not one looking so pleasing and tasting so fantastic as this one besides if it would have been for a special birthday party they would not have sold it to me now, would they." Dracos smile had turned soft and his eyes shone with a special warmness they would only show when both of them were alone and on their own.

Harry knew that it was stupid, but the smile and the reason made him relax and enjoy his cake even more. Draco was right after all, and he could not understand why he had not thought of that before.

"Happy not happy birthday then." he smiled and started eating without regrets.

Sometimes Draco really had fantastic ideas, like a birthday cake on a not birthday day. Just because he wanted it, because it looked good, and because of the fantastic taste. And Harry called himself lucky to have such a partner who would simply share such small delights with him. Draco was a good man and apparently the authority to talk to when it comes to cakes.

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