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Title: Change of Status Quo
Summary: After a summer of silence, suddenly Malfoys invaded Harry's life again. This time it was his life that was about to be changed.
Word Count: 7.443
Rating: PG
Contains: (Highlight to view) *innuendos, fluff, fun*
Notes: Thanks to the mods for their shear endless patience with me and for year after year bringing this lovely fest back!
Thanks to mft for the quick beta and all the cheerleading!
Dear [ profile] kikimay, sadly I was not really able to work your prompts in, but I tried to put as much of your likes into it, as I was able too! Please enjoy and have a very merry Christmas time!

Change of Status-Quo )
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Happy belated birthday [ profile] this_bloody_cat!!!
i wish you all the best, lots of good luck, health, fun and cake!
you might be used to it by now, my gifts always come in late, so i hope you will be happy with this little thing i did, and i hope it will make your day as enjoyable as working on it has made it for me! and i hope you enjoy being part of my first ever tri-factor- posting! *hugs* please enjoy!

Title: Not Quite Entirely unlike Tea
Author: [ profile] this_bloody_cat
Reader: [ profile] smirkingcat
Rating: R
Length: 08:30 min
Summary: Figuratively speaking, Draco wins all the tricks.
Pairing: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Reader's Notes: This is also for my podfic bingo square: "Read Animatedly"
Disclaimer:Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.
CC: le conte du poisson magique by Bluemillenium

The cover takes you to the .mp3 download and here you find the .m4b.

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