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thank you so much for all your nice wishes and your nice gifts, you folks totally made my day and i want to thank you for that from the bottom of my heart!

thanks for the lovely messages and wishes to:
alphabetical order applied
[personal profile] capitu, [personal profile] carpemermaid, [personal profile] darkravenwrote, [personal profile] hikorichan, [personal profile] lijahlover, [personal profile] lyonessheart, [personal profile] nia_kantorka, [personal profile] ravenclawsquill, [personal profile] tryslora and [personal profile] ustorycollector.

thank you for the lovely and shiny new v-gifts to: [personal profile] llaeyro and [personal profile] kitty_fic!

and thank you to the nice ppl who gifted me very cool stories (please check them out):

About Last Night by [personal profile] digthewriter which is a very lovely h/d story- you will totally go awwwww!

Winging it 2 by [personal profile] enchanted_jae which is a very energetic continuation of the first part (paring h/d)

Happy Anniversary by [personal profile] themightyflynn which is an amazing and fluffy ron/victor fic! go for the rare pair!

THANK YOU so much to all of you!

also as a notice:
i will be away for the easter weekend and not be back before tuesday night- i will once again have no pc, no internet and enjoy time with my family and cat.

and then i "might" be away from the 28th till the 2end of may- gaining pc access once again at night after work.
this is bad since dw does not allow me to schedule entries - what the fuck is up with that really? - so [community profile] hp_shoreofangst will post regularly over at lj but might be posting late here at dw. an official announcement over at [community profile] hp_shoreofangst shall be made once i know for certain and set in stone, so far this is just a "plan".

and now i have to go and do other stuff before tomorrow comes way to soon.
have a nice time
and THANK YOU all again!
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