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this list is going to be sorted by paring with the new fics showing up at the end of the list for now and nothing else- because really i cant be bothered to figure out how to sort it best right now (give me some time, and i will come up with some crazy system i'm sure about it)


Harry Potter/ Draco Malfoy

  • The cake in the fridge, or how Harry learned something new about cake
    Rating: G
    Word Count: 1k
    Summery: Harry being puzzled, but Draco's idea was great!
    This was written for [profile] sophie_french for her b-day 2014r.

      with the continuation:
    • The Future, Cake and Love
      Word Count: 1.253
      Summery: Hard decisions can be very hard, but chocolate cake makes it all better!
      Alternative Link: @dw
      Written again for the lovely [profile] sophie_french for her 2015 b-day.

    • and
    • The truth of the cake
      Word Count: 1.406
      Summary: The cake reveals the truth, and Harry has to face it.
      Alternative Link:@dw
      Written again for the lovely [profile] sophie_french for her 2015 b-day.

  • Early mornings on Christmas Eve
    Rating: G
    Word Count: 1.307
    Summery: Morning on Christmas eve and how argumentative Harry Potter can be.
    This was written for the [community profile] hd_owlpost winter-exchange gift fest 2014.

  • Seeing You, Seeing Me
    Rating: PG-13
    Word Count 40.5k
    Summary: It's a story about wants, wishes and how to adapt to a new world. It's also a story about conversations, about how sentences could be intended and how different they might be heard and understood. It's also a story about getting to know one self. and figuring out how to live with who one is.
    Warnings (Highlight to view):*[self-harm: cutting, refusing to eat, mention of beatings]*
    This was written for the [profile] hd_hurtfest 2015

  • In the realm of one night
    Rating: NC-17 (no smut)
    Word Count: 16,327
    Summary: Under the cover of night the future and the past meet in the present. The dark haunts us with the worst of our memories, gives life to the sweetest moments of our love, and inspires the growth of new hopes.
    Warnings! please check out if you know you can be triggered: brief dub-con (first scene); stillbirth and death of child, happy(open) end
    Alternative Links:on AO3|@ my dw | on dreamwith (via hdmpreg)
    This was written for the [profile] harryddracompreg round 2015.

  • arc: Road to Insanity
    Rating: PG-13
    Word Count: 2,073
    Summary: It's Potters fault! It always is and it always will be.
    Alternative Links: @my dw
    This is the first installment of a planned series.

  • leave it to the ferret
    Rating: PG-13
    Word Count: ~6.800
    Summery: It started with a picture and it ends with a kiss.
    Alternative Links:@ my dw | over @ bottomD | and also on AO3
    This was written for the [community profile] bottom_draco round 2015.

  • Harry's plans working out in not working out
    Rating: NC-17
    Word Count/Art Medium: ~7k
    Summary: Harry has it all planned out, he tries to take a not Gryffindor approach after all. So why does he still end up doing things the Gryffindor way?
    Alternative Links:over at the hp_drizzle | @my dw
    This was written for the [personal profile] hp_drizzle round 2015.

  • Nightly bargains
    Word Count :1,705
    Summary:No matter the time, Draco always knows how to barging.
    Alternative Link:@my dw
    This was written for [profile] saras_girl's b-day 2015!

  • Anything you can do, I can do better
    Rating: PG
    Word Count: ~2k
    Summary: Draco can do this. Of course he can. And he will do it better than Harry!
    Alternative Link:@hd_owl_fest | @AO3
    This was written for the [community profile] hd_owlpost gift exchange fest 2015.

  • You! are all I need
    Rating: NC-17
    Word Count:3.534
    Summary: It's supposed to be a chance, but it's not a chance Harry wants to take.
    Alternative Link: @dw
    This was written for [personal profile] capitu's b-day 2016!

  • To meet you again
    Word Count:26.733
    Summary: At first there had been a little hope. But as with all things, nothing can last forever. And with the last of the hope gone, and things starting to spin out of control, all Harry really wanted was his normal life back. Life however had something else in mind. Still Harry will try his best, to hold on to his love, even if it cuts him so deep, that pain itself becomes a part of it.
    Alternative Link: @lj- unbetaed version
    This was written for [community profile] slythindor100 25 days of Christmas Traditional Prompt 2016.

  • Change of Status Quo
    Word Count: 7.432
    Summary: After a summer of silence, suddenly Malfoys invaded Harry's life again. This time it was his life that was about to be changed.
    Alternative Link: @AO3 or at @dw
    This was written for [community profile] hd_owlpost 2016.

Draco Malfoy/others


  • The Expected, The Unprepared And The Odd
    Pairing:Harry Potter/Scorpius Malfoy
    Rating: PG-13
    Word Count: 3,379
    Summary: Harry didn't expect it to be easy, but does it really have to be hard?
    Alternative Link:@DW
    this was written as a 1/2 b-day gift 2015 for both [personal profile] tryslora and [personal profile] nia_kantorka

  • ... is where we both are us
    Pairing:Ron Weasley/Blaise Zabini
    Rating: Nc-17
    Word Count: 5,696
    Summary: He asked for it, and his Master granted it, especially as he had been good, while his Master had been away.
    Alternative Link:@DW or @kink
    This was written for [community profile] hp_kinkfest 2017


Harry Potter/ Draco Malfoy


  • Once a Gryffindor
    Author: [personal profile] shadowycat and the original fic can be found here
    Rating: G
    Length: 18:34 min
    Authors Summary: If you were sorted into your House at 11, would that be that forever? Albus Dumbledore has a little chat with one of his oldest companions.
    Alternative Link:@dw
    This was recorded for [personal profile] shadowycat's birthday 2016.

  • Unpredictable
    Author:[profile] rzzmg and the original fic can be found here
    Rating: PG
    Length: 15:37 min
    Author's Summary: Severus Snape considers Bill Weasley's career path and wonders why the boy chose curse breaking rather than an apprenticeship as a potioneer…
    This was recorded for the [community profile] hp_podfic_fest 2016.

  • One Pecker Pepper, Please, Preferably Not Pickled
    [personal profile] enchanted_jae and the original fic can be found here
    Rating: PG-13
    Length: 10:51 min
    Author's Summary: Auror Potter has been summoned to investigate a disturbance in Augusta Longbottom's garden.
    This was recorded for [personal profile] enchanted_jae's birthday 2016.

Rare Pairs

  • Something Beautiful
    Author: [personal profile] lyonessheart and the original fic can be found here
    Rating: R
    Length: 16:43 min
    Author's Summary: Ron and Blaise both loved a certain Muggleborn and were left behind. But maybe now there is a chance for something beautiful.
    Alternative Link: @dw
    This was recorded for [personal profile] lyonessheart's birthday 2016.

  • Confidence and Insecurity
    Author: [personal profile] tryslora and the original fic can be found here
    Rating: PG-13
    Length: 07:24 min
    Author's Summary: In the midst of a war, Ginny finds something she's actually afraid of, and right after that, finds something particularly wonderful.
    Alternative Link: @dw
    This was recorded for [personal profile] tryslora's birthday 2016.

  • Always watching you, even if it's devastating me
    Author: [personal profile] smirkingcat and the original fic can be found here
    Rating: PG
    Length: 08:23 min
    Author's Summary:As much as Charlie wishes he could look away, his eyes are always fixed upon Draco.
    Alternative Link:@dw

  • The Winter Ball
    Author: [personal profile] alisanne and the original fic can be found here
    Rating: PG
    Length: 18:37
    Author's Summary: Harry has finally gotten up the courage to ask Severus Snape to the Ministry’s Winter Ball, only to find Draco Malfoy has also asked him. How can Harry convince Severus to go with him?
    Alternative Link:@dw
    This was recorded for alisanne's birthday 2016.

  • Perfect for her
    Author:[personal profile] themightyflynn and the original fic can be found here
    Rating: M
    Length: 26:18 min
    Author's Summary: Lucius discovers his destined mate is more than worthy of him.
    This was recorded for the [community profile] hp_podfic_fest 2016


  • Victor and Victims
    Author:[personal profile] nia_kantorka and the orginal fic an be found here>
    Length:17:14 min
    Author's Summary:They were naked except for the golden glitter covering their bodies. All three had rosy cheeks and dilated pupils which was due to the Lust Potion they had been forced to drink earlier.
    Alternative Link:@dw

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