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hi folks!
yes i am doing fine but new job is a lot to learn and life is really going by fast!
i am only here to grin and gloat and share an absolutely insignificant achievement with [personal profile] darkravenwrote

raven will get it )

all i got to say
*me rushes by because i really should be in bed....
hope you have a great time!
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so i started at university back in 06 and i was all entuhsiastic and all totally THERE and FUN!
and well see what has happened then:

i think that explains my busyness somewhat XD
and yes stroke order is fucking important even now- and it is bloody annoying
and yes i am fighting the 5-sign-length beast- and it has to many heads sometimes,
gosh i adore it when i dont freak out about it
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and too much on my mind.
also i should be writing but head ache is making it difficult so i try to ease my way in, it's to late here to take a nap right now *sigh*
so here we go with some things that are on my mind again
i want to spam you a little, not all the time ;) )

wish you all a nice sunday ahead!!!
have a great time

honest time

Jan. 4th, 2017 11:12 am
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after i now posted nearly daily for two months, it feels strange not to post, and clutter your feed...
so here i am with some randomness that i was thinking about yesterday and today

  • i can't write fanfic of the pairing i just read - this mostly is true for h/d because i lose myself so much in the story i'm reading that when i get back to my story i lost sight of the points i wanted to make - and no, plotting does not help in that regard, because even staring at my notes did not bring me back the story i intended to write with this draft, i have to wait for it to come back to me, i know what now is in my mind is wrong *sigh*

  • today i have to sit down and write because gywo-challenge and i have not written a word of fanfiction/thesis yet
    - and for those of you who are interested and know: yes i do story writing rpgs, but i consider them 'away time' or 'free time', and so the time and words that go into them do not count (truthfully this might be for the better, as otherwise my rpgs alone would get my OUT of writing

  • i need to edit huge-ass podfic, but i'm so sick of my voice - i believe it's giving me a headache, mybe my voice is possessed by the damn?

  • i have nearly beaten my cold into submission! that is something right? can i get a gold star for that? *this cat wants a gold star so bad*

  • i also really want to change my lj-page layout... but i honestly have not the time for it, and i dont know into what i would like to change it- does that even compute?

now i feel better- like my mind is decluttered now that the most stupid observations are gone XD
have a great day !

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