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so i was sorting out my files and maps on my pc and came across a picture i wanted to add the original quote to for quite some time, and since i have nothing else to do (edit podfic (x2), record new ones (x2), do stuff for thesis, read on my homework, write - so really nothing at all) i took a moment and finally get it done.
[ profile] themightyflynn this is what i had in mind the first time i saw that picture and your quote- imagine it please with the voice of the documentary guy being all matter of fact and hopefully you will laugh just as much as i did!

picture and quote from [ profile] themightyflynn

now i have to get back to doing nothing and try to make it into doing something!
lovely sunday to you all!
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so i had b-day on the 10th and celebrated my last 20 as i am now 29 years old. i'm so excited to turn 30! i know i should not expect much to change but somehow yes i do have expectations for when i am 30. mostly i want to be more responsible and more self-suffciant but that is for next year and this year i shall just enjoy!
as for you all on my dear f-list, you have been absolutely wonderful and amazing to me and so very, very kind!
THANK YOU ALL for all your kind and sweet wishes!
I was over excited for each and every one:
all the dear and awesome messagesand gifts from lovely ppl i recieved and me saying thank you to them )

and then FINALLY it was monday and my dad, who fell ill the week before, came and took me shopping - my balcony is now ready for full-on spring and summer use (through i will go home for the very hot weekends because you know- pool) - and then he took me for a lovely late lunch *smirks* but before that we went to the STAR WARS IDENTITIES! exhibit which was in vienna!!!
there was stuff form george lucas' ranch!
the exhibit itself was nothing like i imagined it would be. it actually revolved around identities with very little of the social sciences crab but very detailed on biology, psychology and also group think theory and peer-pressure theories in the mix: it showed on the similarities between anakin skywalker and luke skywalker and their similarities and differences how we as a person are a product of the influences we get as a young child AND of the choices WE MAKE! that was really impressive
but not the best part: the best part was that you got a bracelet and could go around and BUILD your own star wars character!!!! that was just too cool!
(through i noticed because my dad took the gungans and i was a kaminoan (because i just adore them and the way the look) that some races where more integrated then others: for example my father had 3 different scenarios for "event of big influence" while i had only one (the destruction of my planet LOL) but that is the only negative point i could find, the exhibit was really interesting and i really tried to be me and still think in the head-space of a kaminoan...

at this point i would rather guess that what you really are interested in would be the nice pictures i took
and let me tell you i took loads of pics so this truly is a picture spam, but these are images form the original story-board- how could i resist? especially when you will later see how stunning they are
sadly most of the time, when my father forgot to remind me i did not take a picture from the description *sorry*
i can add them from the books if there will be a need, but i think most of them are self-explaining

may the picture-spam beginn )

so if i have not lost you now completely to the pictures (and yes i look at them way to often too the art is just catching) i shall finish my report: i got myself a nice lovely t-shirt, and my dad got himself a nice poster and the special edition box from this exhibition (i forgot to take a picture of it when i was at home and had a chance to do so *headdesks*)
all around i had a really awesome day! and it was a really cool b-day gift for me

that week i also had unsuspected leave of work because i had to many hours and so i put my balcony together which i am very happy as i know am growing some tomatos and strawberries and radish!
it took me 4 days and each day up to 5h it really has been a lot of work, but it also was so worth it *happy grin*

and as i am now going to close this entry for certain here are pics from my little furry cat (as [ profile] themightyflynn asked for that) and one of my roommates cat

even more pics )

and for the last point:

  1. i handed in podfic-fest *go me*

  2. i really, really want to do write fests but i cant because no words - but gosh have you seen what all is going to start claiming soon *headdesks* but no i cant and shant because i have a huge- ass to do list for writing and i have not written for over a month at this point

  3. i'm healthy and good and due to workout have lost some weight and fit in my old cloths again!

  4. i have no news on the job-front through.... my own fault i know but it is rather hard atm

  5. i'm working constantly on my thesis so that is progress!

  6. i am mostly good and having fun :D and doing a lot of baking and good eating LOL

so- you have done it, this is the end:
May the force be with you!!!

I DID it

Nov. 28th, 2009 12:08 am
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today I finished my first comic... its nothing special and I have a long way to go, but hopefully you will laugh and enjoy it a little bit, and I will keep practising during the meantime ^-^

(click to enlage XD)

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