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OMG you guys you have to go and see that. it's a japanese movie in two parts and i have to warn you there is gore, and blood and stuff it's more blood than real gore but you have been warned by me that there is gore, it also depends because i dont know either maze-runner or divergent besides that they are survival things of the youth- that is also the troupe of this movie- you will for certain like it.
why i first got into the movie was because i knew that Hongo Kanata (Akagi, Yakee-kun to megane-chan) was starring it it. and he does the movie proud- really from what i have seen of him, i can only complement him on his acting, he is very good in all the different roles, and always manages to give the role he plays a hit of there being more- but always fitting to the character- i am so amazed by him and his acting skill.

the movie itself is fantastic too! and unexpected at so many points. for example so often i was like: "ah yes, and now that happens" but then something completely different happened and it was soo good! there are of course some points that are predictable, but show me a movie that isn't and then we can talk about it again.

i also liked the end, and the meta-message of it, but also the fucking premises on how it got to how it was!
if you like dystopian movies with blood an a little bit of gore, you have to watch attack on titan- fair warning tough: i got my movies through the interwebs and you know and i got both with subtitles, because it amuses me to read how others translate stuff- the subtitles for the 2ned movie are not even close to what is said, it lets you follow the plot and gives you the information you might need, but its not what is said. still the CGI (at points overdone and cringe-worthy if you are prone to notice it) and the story is worth watching it!

watching this in the spare free time i set away, was worth it!
whcih i guess at this point is obvious XD"
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ok so this one has a bit of a story, and i know i told it before, but just to catch you up- if you are interested:

why i had to watch twilight *sigh* )

so to survive watching all of these movies i made a list as i watched them about all that annoys me!
be aware if you are a fan of those movies- then this is not for you to read. i don't enjoy romance movies at all (star was is something special). from the get go these movies didn't really stand a chance with me.
what i will grant them - fair is fair - the wolves animations are pretty neat and nice to look at!

135 reasons why twilight sucked )
that is all i'm ever going to say about those movies ever again!
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i struggle with this review- a lot
because even after 2 weeks my mind is not yet made up.
overall the movie wasn't that bad. but even sitting in the best places the cinema had to offer, and being excited about it- honestly i was bored a lot during the movie

read with being aware it holds spoilers- because i have no clue what spoilers are, and my own opinion- and boy this cat is opinionated )

and yes i know i still have to watch episode 7 *headdesks*
but i figure i will wait for it to be close for the release of episode 8 so that i have it fresh in mind.
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my parents gave me for christmas a cinema trip, and i could decide which movie to go.
i chose assassins creed for 2 reasons: 1.i fucking adore the vid-games, like i play all of them over and over and over (i still need to get part 3 and 4 though and i'm not so sure if i like the american world with my assassins creed that much really)
2. michael fassbender! ever since 'shame' he simply convinced me that he is a great actor and while there are some projects he did, which i am not that fond of, most of his work is awesome
so at first i was very, very excited to go
yesterday night before the movie i had a break-down into worry-land. what if it was bad? what if it wasn't like in the games, what if fassbender did it wrong?
well, here is me after the movie and long version short: i'm still conflicted!

long version - there might be spoilers, depending on what you think is a spoiler so read with caution )

if you have seen it, or are going to see it- tell me later what you think/thought about it, i would be interested in hearing about it!
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so a lot of you already know that i do not own a tv, and that i am not really that much into it or movies either, but i still on occasion do watch stuff and here some random thoughts:

on big bang theory )

i also went and watched some movies )

this is it so far, there will be more "review" entries from me but for all here i just didnt feel like i could make them all their own posts
hope you have a nice spring!/ autumn for the friends on the other side of the globe (╭☞´ิ∀´ิ)╭☞
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so we all know san francisco has this huge bad ass and very bright red bridge that many movies use as an establishing shot of location-
and when you are like me and into action movies, you see this bridge getting destroyed quite a lot (so often that you wonder if it will be there).
apparently this trouble you only have when you really are into action movies- but the golden gate bridge is used very often in movies, and surprisingly is not destroyed that often at all.
under the cut you will find 2 tables with the first one listening all the movies in the year they were made
and the 2ed being some 2 graphics: one showing how many movies were made in what year, and the other how often the bridge was not destroyed - it was really quite a shock for me!
all the information are taking from this wiki-page
mistakes are possible and you are very welcome to point them out to me (because i have never even heard of most of the movies)

shiny meta graphics about the Golden Gate Bridge )

so i was surprised by this outcome- and now i want to you if you were too?

[Poll #2035273]

thanks for reading and hopefully answering because i'm nosy <3
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so last week my parents took me to the cinema, after more than 10 years the last time we went together, it was rather nice ^_^
and we went and watched Hercules 3D (in german because well thats my mother tongue anyways)
me was taking notes at the way home, to remember the impressions the movie gave me- so here I am to share them with you

its a rather good movie, has a lot of action and fights in it- but well it is Hercules and he was not known for knitting or something so well, yes he fights a lot, and while watching time is going fast, there are no scenes where I thought, that the movie was getting lame

and than if you are my generation you grew up with kevin sorbo being hercules but the new guy dwayne johnson is also doing a great job, even if I had to get used to the beard (no beard fan sitting infront of my pc)
and they really really did a good job with the 3D-animation stuff, but sometimes they go a little overbord, its like yes I already got it, its a 3D movie...

here are my points as per usual 10 best 1 worst and it might have spoilers but I will try and cut them out, so you can choose to read them

what I liked:

  • the characterization's and the background stories Read more... )
    9 points because they all are awesome and funny and I adore atalanta so thats extra points

  • Animation for the effects and all the screenplay and special effects get the movie 8 points due to the overuse its not higher

  • sound gets another 7 points it was very well chosen but sometimes I felt that something was missing, that there could have been more

what I did not like at all- contains so many spoilers read at your own risk
Read more... )

but overall good action movie (again- thats twice in a row!)
so it will be no waste of time or money if you go and watch it
hope the review was helpful ^^
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so this will probably have a lot of spoilers in it, for those who have not seen the movie by now- I will try and mark them all; for those who saw it already- here is what I think about it:

I heard a lot negative reviews about Pacific Rim, and so I was reluctant to watch it, but my flatmate got the DVD and told me to watch it because I might like it- and I so did!- and was surprised in the most positive way!
of course me comes from a long loving mecha-anime history, so I was like "yessss, OMG do it do it do it" and "ohhh noooo, no, no, no, no way, no" at the same time but really the graphic technology used in movie making got awesome, while I was not looking! damn, they did a great job!
the story is rather simple, but come on, it's an action movie not a psycho thriller! if you want to have a deep story watch one of those, in action genre this movie is rather good and impressive, in my humble opinion
special good points are awarded for the following scenes: (spoiler warning!)
Read more... )
points lost for scenes I did not like: (and again spoiler warning!)
Read more... )

so basically you will find it entertaining if u like action and big machines, monsters and lots of fires with also quite some humor- GO WATCH IT!
but don't watch it if you are in search for a girl hero- not so much, she is... well let's say it's complicated with her-
- her Japanese seams real, and she plays well but her role is not that significant (action movie remember)- so if you call yourself a Feminist you might not like her at all, and there is only one other women with text, if you call 6 to 8 sentences text; nighter should you look for deem character evolvement, look again, but please not in this movie,
of course the mecha fans out there who watched a lot of mecha anime recognized some parts most defenitly- but this is an actual movie- not an anime! (and yes I am aware the took parts of other movies too)
so here is my overall awarded points- list (each category goes from 1- absolutely dreadful to 10- absolutely fucking amazing)

  1. 10 points -for screenplay and animation

  2. 6 overall story points
    8,9 points within the action genre (it has a war in it after all, and a running clock)

  3. 7 points for the characterizations (but remember not much growing so my awarded points take the action genre in account)

  4. 9 points for the music and the sound effects and the noises- they are pretty neat

  5. -1 point for often unnecessary engaged conversations while in the mechas (most of the other conversations are rather good)

so thats what I thought of the movie
have you watched it already? if yes, what did you make of it? are there points were you disagree with me?
if not, was this review helpful?

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