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so i got tagged by [ profile] _melodic_ and by [ profile] firethesound so i shall do this little meme too- but i will do it cat! style because i don't know any other way to do stuff

Begin the next answer with the last letter of the previous answer.

01) Name: Galatea -because obsession is hitting me again
02) Animal: a zebra -cheating is fine right?
03) Girl's name: Athena -did i mention my obsession? i'm obsessed
04) Color: atomic tangerine -because orange does not start with an a
05) Movie: ergo proxy -best anime ever!
06) Something you wear: yarn
07) Drink: non-alcoholic -because that includes milk and milk always rocks
08) Food: crisps -i wish i had something while writing this, really it's been so long since i ate them i want crisps!
09) Item in the bathroom: soft towels -because who likes rough towels really?
10) Place: australia -because it gives me ice hockey in summer and that rocks!
11) Reason to be late: accident -really no matter what, one better has a good reason to be later! i despise lateness

and i shall tag: [ profile] lyonessheart, [ profile] themightyflynnand [ profile] smallbrownfrog
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it finally came to that, and i was tagged by [ profile] digthewriter, and with such a lovely meme! so here it goes:

HP-Meme )

writing meme )

i shall tag [ profile] shadowycat; [ profile] smallbrownfrog and [ profile] themightyflynn if you both want to? have fun ;)
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art by [ profile] twilightsorcery

its awesome and you should totally go and check it out- you can do it with open-ID or with anonymous if aren't a member of IJ

on a personal note:
i'm still sick, but i dont think i shall be fully healthy anytime soon, so i just live with the coughing; i'm working hard on my thesis - sadly fanfic ideas are getting in between me and thesis sometimes but not as often as i would like; and otherwise i'm enjoying my time at home with my furry cat who as usual is in a bad mood- i think it might be because i'm there, which is kinda sad!
i also hope that i will find some time next week to post a little bit more on my journal... but i really managed to keep myself busy
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Total Stories Written: 12
Total Words Written:

  • typed (not all made it to your eyes due to various reasons:incomplete, not revealed, just stuff i wrote to write ect) 198.362

  • written in hand: nearly double the amount of before, but i can only estimate

more details here )

i had a fun writing, i learned a lot about the english language and have to thank all the amazing ppl of fandom, who did beta jobs for me and did not run away in tears at my first drafts, who cheered me on when i was struggling with everything, and who took their time and commented on my works, letting me know i did something right (or wrong)
THANK YOU folks for making my year as good as it got!
lets have a nice 2016! too!

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