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because the last furniture has arrived and is set up!

all the boxes are gone, and everything has for now a place- some of the places are not certain yet and my table is still a little bit of a mess but everything is set up and running (except for one thing of course- my net connection is still not set up AND the place i have to set it up sucks and annoys me because reasons!) but yeah otherwise cat has moved and it was a success!

all that is now left is my laundry: i have 2 loads of clothes left and then all my bedsheets (which clock in around 2-3 loads) and my table cloths 1 load and then all is waschend and cleaned.

so cat is living the good life now- LOTS of space like you wont believe it, and all in order how i like it and even better peace and quiet- i am so, so happy.

so now this cat is going to hunt down an amazing job for herself!

fandom to do list if you want to know )

2 out of 3

Aug. 22nd, 2017 07:32 pm
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is a win! at least that is what i call it.
real life stuff )

fandom news from the cat yes i am still around )

tldr: i am doing good, battling on, and i shall be around more starting now! hope to find you all well, and to catch up with you all

so my current situation looks like:

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so maybe you have noticed my absence and short replies and being not really active, posting nothing and writing and podficing even less (at least i partly did my modding duties, right?)
well that was because i was super busy trying to get a new job, which i can now happily state that i have!
yes this cat managed to land herself a nice good and secure new job!
it is still sales, because i like that very much, but i will now sell ppl very nice, high quality bathroom furniture! i am very excited about that!
if i manage to survive the first 3 months- because dont get me wrong it will be a hard job, and once again during work hours i will not be around because i'm neither allowed my cell or internet use- the job will be mine for as long as i want to <3 now what are you saying to that- WITH the high probability that i will become head of the department of bathroom furniture in the next 2 years! it is a fantastic chance for me and a new future and a big step in my life.
it also opens the possibility of me moving by july because as you know i have to be out of the flat by 30.8. so that will be a relief!
so yes that happened, besides health issues with my shoulder, and me finally going home to my cat for some days this weekend.

also i know writers always are looking for inspiration i have to share this with you:
10hours of everything
this is a youtube channel with 10h long sound tracks
i particularly recommend:
10h of nordic music if you are into it, you will like it

and with that i really dont have much to say...because i was busy life happened nearly without me, so yeah...
uhhh- just remembered:

Claiming for the SoA-Fest is OPEN!!!
clicky )
Fest- Timeline:
Prompting: February
Claiming: March 1st - April 5th
Works due: April 10th
Posting: May 1st

[ profile] hp_shoreofangst is still open for claiming and there are so many good prompts! so if you want to be part and spread a little tension with whatever paring/character you like check out the amazing prompt- lists and write a couple of words, draw a couple of lines, read a couple of sentences- as usual everything goes!

but that now really is it from me
i hope you are all doing good, and i wish you the best of times!

ps: have you seen my new lj-design? do you like it? i am happy with it and i think it kinda suits me, but not to sure about it, if you have an opinion please share!
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so a lot of you already know that i do not own a tv, and that i am not really that much into it or movies either, but i still on occasion do watch stuff and here some random thoughts:

on big bang theory )

i also went and watched some movies )

this is it so far, there will be more "review" entries from me but for all here i just didnt feel like i could make them all their own posts
hope you have a nice spring!/ autumn for the friends on the other side of the globe (╭☞´ิ∀´ิ)╭☞
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so i had b-day on the 10th and celebrated my last 20 as i am now 29 years old. i'm so excited to turn 30! i know i should not expect much to change but somehow yes i do have expectations for when i am 30. mostly i want to be more responsible and more self-suffciant but that is for next year and this year i shall just enjoy!
as for you all on my dear f-list, you have been absolutely wonderful and amazing to me and so very, very kind!
THANK YOU ALL for all your kind and sweet wishes!
I was over excited for each and every one:
all the dear and awesome messagesand gifts from lovely ppl i recieved and me saying thank you to them )

and then FINALLY it was monday and my dad, who fell ill the week before, came and took me shopping - my balcony is now ready for full-on spring and summer use (through i will go home for the very hot weekends because you know- pool) - and then he took me for a lovely late lunch *smirks* but before that we went to the STAR WARS IDENTITIES! exhibit which was in vienna!!!
there was stuff form george lucas' ranch!
the exhibit itself was nothing like i imagined it would be. it actually revolved around identities with very little of the social sciences crab but very detailed on biology, psychology and also group think theory and peer-pressure theories in the mix: it showed on the similarities between anakin skywalker and luke skywalker and their similarities and differences how we as a person are a product of the influences we get as a young child AND of the choices WE MAKE! that was really impressive
but not the best part: the best part was that you got a bracelet and could go around and BUILD your own star wars character!!!! that was just too cool!
(through i noticed because my dad took the gungans and i was a kaminoan (because i just adore them and the way the look) that some races where more integrated then others: for example my father had 3 different scenarios for "event of big influence" while i had only one (the destruction of my planet LOL) but that is the only negative point i could find, the exhibit was really interesting and i really tried to be me and still think in the head-space of a kaminoan...

at this point i would rather guess that what you really are interested in would be the nice pictures i took
and let me tell you i took loads of pics so this truly is a picture spam, but these are images form the original story-board- how could i resist? especially when you will later see how stunning they are
sadly most of the time, when my father forgot to remind me i did not take a picture from the description *sorry*
i can add them from the books if there will be a need, but i think most of them are self-explaining

may the picture-spam beginn )

so if i have not lost you now completely to the pictures (and yes i look at them way to often too the art is just catching) i shall finish my report: i got myself a nice lovely t-shirt, and my dad got himself a nice poster and the special edition box from this exhibition (i forgot to take a picture of it when i was at home and had a chance to do so *headdesks*)
all around i had a really awesome day! and it was a really cool b-day gift for me

that week i also had unsuspected leave of work because i had to many hours and so i put my balcony together which i am very happy as i know am growing some tomatos and strawberries and radish!
it took me 4 days and each day up to 5h it really has been a lot of work, but it also was so worth it *happy grin*

and as i am now going to close this entry for certain here are pics from my little furry cat (as [ profile] themightyflynn asked for that) and one of my roommates cat

even more pics )

and for the last point:

  1. i handed in podfic-fest *go me*

  2. i really, really want to do write fests but i cant because no words - but gosh have you seen what all is going to start claiming soon *headdesks* but no i cant and shant because i have a huge- ass to do list for writing and i have not written for over a month at this point

  3. i'm healthy and good and due to workout have lost some weight and fit in my old cloths again!

  4. i have no news on the job-front through.... my own fault i know but it is rather hard atm

  5. i'm working constantly on my thesis so that is progress!

  6. i am mostly good and having fun :D and doing a lot of baking and good eating LOL

so- you have done it, this is the end:
May the force be with you!!!

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this cat has been very, very busy!
on one hand i was like really trying the self-control thing and stayed away from all the prompts
on the other hand i am doing the travel thing a lot from one town to another and all in between, atm my stuff is everywhere and nowhere at the same time (what was i thinking?)

work was also quite busy but that was ok- until i hurt my shoulder and was now this week at home with sick-leave because my shoulder had very limited movement and lifting heavy stuff was not going to happen- i can just say ouch!
sadly i have no other news at the work front, but with lots of help form 2 very awesome and nice persons (you know who you are and i thank you both very much) i got a little bit more confidence in my cv.

on the writing front- i think i havent even managed 2k in march i wrote very little, and that is written in hand and i have to make time to type it down *yikes* i dont want to o(>_<")o you cant make me! well i have to make myself do that one day... also i did not forget about any of the as not posted/written yet b-day gifts I have a huge writing to do list and i work on it when i can but words are really hard at the moment due to lack of time and getting into apologies to all of you still waiting

on the thesis front much has moved and if i only get over my resistance to some of the resources (because i disagree with them so wholeheartedly) it will be done even faster but we shall wait and see

since i cant sing up for any writing fests i signed up for podfic fest and am very excited. recording is fun so far and i feel like i get better *delusions are totally awesome!* as long as i have fun, i think it will be fine and I always try to give it my best!

due to me being so busy i totally neglected [ profile] hp_shoreofangst but i did never forget it and today i finally managed to post the numbers for round one so go and take a look (there are quite a few surprises there)
i wish you all an amazing start in the new week with lots of fun and excitement!

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let's talk one more time about last year, and then it shall go down in history and be done with on my part

Read more... )

so here are the gifts I created for [ profile] hd_owlpost

and here are the gifts I received:

  • the lovely [ profile] gracerene gifted me with amazing beta-services, making my fic so much better i was very stunned by the result! and she even went out of her way and checked it for me twice! TWICE!

  • [ profile] create_serenity recorded for me a very cool podfic to the the story: Exposure by morning light! you should totally go and listen to it- the way she reads make your ears wish the story would never end!

  • [ profile] razra_eizel wrote for me the very lovely story Christmas Dinner. which i encourage you to go and read too- if you like fluff that is!

  • so really owl-fest this year was amazing and much fun to participate!
    i tried to leave a comment on ALL the entries- and i think i only left out 2 or 3 because they had squicks/hard dislikes in for me! i also left comments on most of the [ profile] mini_fest's entries, as long as i liked the paring and there was no squick- which this year too had an amazing and really looooong run!
    i left so many comments through out december that i was starting to think that maybe i spam the posts... and had to fight with myself not to chicken out XD

    lets come to the picture heavy part of todays post:

    picture-heavy recap of my writing year )

    awesome cards i got from very lovely and nice ppl )

    THANK YOU ALL you lovely ppl for the amazing cards and gifts!!! and stories, podfics and help through out the year!

    i would like to say a special thank you (in alphabetical order)

    • to[ profile] capitu my go-to person when i misplace a story and who helped me a lot with the putting together of hp_soa -thing and who is always there with a cheer in her words! thank your for pulling me into fandom!

    • to [ profile] lyonessheart who is always there if i need a cheer and helps me in so many ways and listens when i dont know where to go with my complaints and hurt feelings! thank you for always being there!

    • to [ profile] smallbrownfrog who not only researches stuff for me that i cant find and comes up with stuff, but who also never fails to help me push on and pull through and gives great input-no matter the topic! thank you for all the time you spent on me!

    • and to [ profile] vaysh for all her help and great input in soa too, even if to her i'm a total stranger!

      THANK you all so much you totally made my christmas very amazing and awesome! and made the last year, that really tried hard to do me in bearable and fun, entertaining and interesting!
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so its the new years day
and i'm really, really glad that 2015 is over- even if i will write the wrong year when i need to write days down for weeks and weeks to come
this is the day to think about goals, wishes and plans to make dreams come true
so here it goes

goals )

wishes )

plans to make dreams come true )

so let the drums roll! and the new year begin!
best wishes and all the good luck you need!

ps )
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so i've been away for the weekend- back to my paternal home because my mother celebrated her 50th birthday
and loads of stuff happened

my sleep deprived state of mind )

my mother's bday party )

my mother's sister )

my life alone )

well, my life-rant is over, finally and now that i have written most of it down i feel calmer again *lucky me for having this journal*
on the other hand OMG ppl i'm so excited!!!
there will be [ profile] hd_owlpost postings starting today - and CAN you believe it i handed it in in time- no extensions - that i managed that is due to awesome beta! i would never have managed it without her!
also [ profile] saras_girl story will start today too
and there is going to be [ profile] hd_erised and the [ profile] slythindor100 advent writings yay for december!

also as time moves forward i have to give more attention back to [ profile] hp_shoreofangst so that the prompting will go smoothly comes february!

and because i have some humor left - i laughed hard at this pic:
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i really have been silent for quite some time now, but really my life has been all but silent - here is the report to what has happened in the mean time:

the medieval fair )

holiday at home + my nasty depression )

some social sciences applied at my work place )

other stuff i wasnt sure where to put )

and here is a tip for you if you are interested in some online styled papers: this site gives away freebies, very nice pattern there indeed, and so far a friend of mine and i didn't find any catch (please tell me if you find one, then i will stop promoting this site)

on a happy side note- i shall leave you with this adorable picture:
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like butter over too much bread (TLOR I)

so yeah i am back and boy there was drama in store for me...
i havent really the time to go into details now
i have like 3 to-lists with more than 25 tasks that all should have been done at the beginning of september- but no one did them and now i have to taggle them down because... reasons i dont really get myself; when i dont work on them or do writing i am either asleep or on public transport- i was never so happy to have such a long train ride to work- i can read and nap in that time, otherwise my reading list would be exploding again too... also thank the gods for mobile internet!

i have like 20 mails to write- not even counting all my lj- messages i need to reply (which i dont do mobile because the keyboard on my mobile phone sucks)
i only wish my day would have more hours- that that would not help me seeing as how tired i am most of the time

also today i was told- and i am not joking: "You are good in English so of course you are going to help, its the polite thing to do"
if anybody please can riddle me how being good in english is connected to do polite things i would be very thankful- i fail to see the connection and that damn reason was applied for a whole page of to-list - need to learn to say NO
i try and i did- and other stuff gets just showed in the back.... again

best part is a friend telling me: "if you had a man, you wouldnt be in that much trouble" - really how would a relationship- which are huge time suckers and take a lot of work and effort help me at the moment?
but really i am to tired and to busy to get angry about that
i shall report more later - i got loads to tell
and there might not be a list thing this month because honestly i'm scared at looking at what i am all NOT doing *shudders*
but i will return hopefully - well i am positive about it

on a funny end not i found this amazing picture:
i so would like to see that happen in real life XD

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i learned on the late night drive home from the train station that on saturday morning would be the funeral of my uncle
i was not only surprised (since i thought it would happen on tuesday or monday the earliest) but also because that bearly got me a chance for four hours of sleep... i must add i might have been a little bit pissed at my dad for telling me this late when the funeral was set since he knew since thursday...
the funeral itself was nice... loads of tears (not from me) and some very rude side-comments from ppl we didnt even know- one of them had the audacity to go to my grandfather and tell him to his face: "you never thought you would be the last living of the three brothers, did you?" i was like really going to hit her, just what are some ppl thinking?
my uncles kids and his wife for 45 years took it also really badly... but that also was to be expected
then later when we had the meal (its tradition called leichenschmaus- where the family is invited to eat - mostly in a restaurant) it was my uncles favorite food, and in the end we told us thinks we remembered about him and we spoke to parts of the family you never meet, because they are so far away that they arent usually invited
fact remains my grandfather is now the last remaining link between three lines of families, and when he dies the link will be gone... and no one said it, but the possibility of never meeting them again then will be very high... which is kind of sad but before that i hope my grandfather celebrates is 80th birthday and we will see them all again
tomorrow is the first day of my holiday
and i shall enjoy it and be with my cat and in the sun and have relaxing two weeks ahead of me
partly without pc but that too is alright with me and doesnt really bother me so much now tbh
because maybe a break is all i needed
thanks for lending me your strength through this troubled week- i really, really depended on your support and i'm glad for it
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so tonight i couldn't sleep i was way to worried about everything and just really on the edge
i looked every ten min at my mobile to check for the time and then my roommate got up- and i waited for her to leave, so i know it was closer to my get- up- time; it took fucking ages!
but finally i got up and went to work
and work in the mornings is really bad and hasty and way to much stress for me- i'm so not cut out for it...
but i survived
but the BEST part was my boss telling me, 'it's all a mistake. i simply forgot to switch the weeks, but yes you are having the next to weeks off', without me having to do or say anything
*is so relieved its incredible*
so yeah, i have time off, and i will try to calm down and relax and unwind and let the things just flow as they go

i find this awesome cake so disturbingly awesome - i have to share it with you to let you away with an disturbing, awesome picture of a cake in mind
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well, this one will be really quick:

yes, i have the early shift tomorrow so i will get up again in roughly 6 hours- to go to work in more than 8 hours - yeah awesome thank you you so not helpful docs
(it was a haggle to get the early shift back already)
and only tomorrow i can figure out my holiday- weeks and if i'm allowed to go (yeah me)
and i will be honest here- i did lie and i will lie tomorrow in a very shameless manner because i dont care anymore i just NEED the time off
and by the end of the year i hope i could tell them good bye anyway so... really i have no fucks to give left
family is a drama
funeral is still not set
but otherwise time with my cat in the grass (because yesss summer is back with more than 30°C)
wish you a good night

funny endnote:
when you go and search for "cats dressed as frogs" you will find hundreds of hits
when you try to search for "frogs dressed as cats" you will get hits, but not of frogs dressed as cats (somehow this amuses me and i also find it sad, because i imagine a frog must look awesome all dressed up as a cat)
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first THANK YOU all so much for your kind words!
I really needed to hear them- and i will reply to them, but just not today- not up for it today

because today
as i just did a quick check up of my duty roaster- there was not only my shift changed to a time i would totally miss my train (paid ticked no exchange)
but also a whole week of my holiday was gone
two things which i have to fight over tomorrow...
i'm just shocked and scared and honestly.... i dont know anymore, no clue here
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so yeah- i'm truly fucked

and here is why )

on a funny note: i find this picture hilarious- i hope you might too XD

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... there still was no mouse to play- because cat came back early!

real life play-time )

but otherwise i'm totally bouncy and alright and since i am not on sick- leave, and go to work and all that stuff it can't be anything too serious, it's just about time to make my mornings easier for me- so I AM FINE and doing alright (mostly)
well anyways lets do the funny list thing again XD

lists, lists, and more lists )
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so here my mood is slowly getting lighter. really i slept a lot this week and did very little and i was lucky that ma parents were somewhere else, and me and my cat were alone at home. i feel like i really had a chance to unwind... and a little guilty for all the sleep i got... but it was the cat, and the rain and the compfty bed

but things are looking up and that is what counts most!

also *here the begging part starts of my todays post*
if you have time
I really, really, really NEED a beta for my drizzle!
its h/d and i try to work and keep it below 10k
i dont want to go into too much detail because of prompt and anonymity, but i dont think it has any trigger warnings apply
any interests?
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and i really feel bad for it )
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.... is the apocalypse on us?
unbelievable but true i got lucky today: )

EDIT: vids will follow - have to check out where to host them, I'm sorry r!
EDIT2: vids should be up and working now again

also a friend asked me to show him my new spinner - because my spinner is amazing, so i tried to make a small movie... I'm horrible at such a thing, but here you go,

and you can check my spinner out! )

and also because this seemed to have turned into a thing for me here we go with my round on my lists - 4 days early!

lists, lists, and more lists )

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