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yesterday i got my laptop back.
he did outstanding and she managed to do more than she planned to do- i'm very, very proud of my spaceship! he did awesome.
the first thing i did after i got him back was cleaning him- why do ppl eat close to the pc? the dust and the crumbs were driving me mad, but i got rid of them! - my father has a handy compressor for that sort of thing! (well he uses it for other stuff but what do i know XD)

now i will just finish posting this before i am rushing to the next train...
i just went from my hometown to my flat, unpacked all my stuff, packed the new stuff and now i'm going to my medieval fair.
i hope it will be fun
more about it when i am back

i wish you all a nice weekend
and that you can war the words down - if you are participating at the wordwar over at [ profile] hd_writers
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... so ok, just now my friend came and took away my laptop to do her graphic work with it
as far as i know she has a 3d animation- and all the edges and the gapes from the vector-forms she used need to be smoothed out - some artistic rendering
her pc is way to old and not powerful enough to do it, but my awesome and hand-chosen alienware can do it...
so yes she asked and i lend it to her for the next week to 9 days...
i'm fine with that, really-
but i fee also very strange not using my own pc - i'm on her old netbook right now, she doesnt use it right now because its way to small- and university hasnt started yet- so she exchanged it with me (something we didnt even discuss) i find it very nice, but i usually work with my 18,5"laptop- this one has 7" its very small, and the keys are very narrow and right next to each other (dont bother asking how often i have to correct me alone in this post)
but ok, i have a pc ( that has no data links what so ever) and she can finish project
still feeling weird, because my LIFE is on my alienware... its like a strange part is missing
i guess i'm laying to much importance on one item, but really... can't help it
i just hope my awesome spaceship can do the maths fast, so i might have him back sooner
wishing my laptop all the luck and patience he needs to work through difficult graphics!

before she came over i did the land mowing- that was fun, i rather like it because the grass smells awesome, and my father has a nice mower, that when you push the one leveler, it will help you move forward- helps on the steep parts, because there i just cant push it up all by myself, its to heavy for that- so it was a rather nice start in the day!

here for the ending of this post, something that i hope makes you laugh as much as it made me
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...awesome, new really powerful pc! I wished for him for ages, but he is not the cheap kind of pc... but finally I got the money and now i have my dream pc... for gaming, programming and working too of course.
I got him on monday, and did all the setup and now I can finally use him how I want him - did you know that winamp is not working on win 8.1.? I didn't but I found musicbee- thats also a very nice and very tiny player and its just working fine.
I miss some of the things one can do with win XP - because well you know honey was still set up with win XP but I got used to win 8.1 (apparently its a huge difference if you have 8 or 8.1 - like changing your locked screen picture and other things) rather fast and I like it! its handy
only thing left for me to do is to programming my macro- keys but that will take some time since I have to decide what to do with them ^^)
so and here I go and share some pics with you:
thats the wrapping my pc came in once I got rid of the brownish warp around it:

an here is the pc in the box

and here is the last one with the pc in use

the only thing left is to find a name to call my new pc... because till now I did not find a name that would fit this dream pc with all his awesome extras and his very good performance and the nice feeling one gets during typing, and so on... any suggestions? would really help me out XD

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