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OMG you guys you have to go and see that. it's a japanese movie in two parts and i have to warn you there is gore, and blood and stuff it's more blood than real gore but you have been warned by me that there is gore, it also depends because i dont know either maze-runner or divergent besides that they are survival things of the youth- that is also the troupe of this movie- you will for certain like it.
why i first got into the movie was because i knew that Hongo Kanata (Akagi, Yakee-kun to megane-chan) was starring it it. and he does the movie proud- really from what i have seen of him, i can only complement him on his acting, he is very good in all the different roles, and always manages to give the role he plays a hit of there being more- but always fitting to the character- i am so amazed by him and his acting skill.

the movie itself is fantastic too! and unexpected at so many points. for example so often i was like: "ah yes, and now that happens" but then something completely different happened and it was soo good! there are of course some points that are predictable, but show me a movie that isn't and then we can talk about it again.

i also liked the end, and the meta-message of it, but also the fucking premises on how it got to how it was!
if you like dystopian movies with blood an a little bit of gore, you have to watch attack on titan- fair warning tough: i got my movies through the interwebs and you know and i got both with subtitles, because it amuses me to read how others translate stuff- the subtitles for the 2ned movie are not even close to what is said, it lets you follow the plot and gives you the information you might need, but its not what is said. still the CGI (at points overdone and cringe-worthy if you are prone to notice it) and the story is worth watching it!

watching this in the spare free time i set away, was worth it!
whcih i guess at this point is obvious XD"
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