Jan. 23rd, 2017

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sit back and enjoy the ride!
this one simply takes you on it for sure.
BUT first: you have to accept it is GRAPHIC VIOLENCE and there is a shitton of blood in it- good, well animated blood that has meaning and sometimes it doesnt. also it's a non-linare sorta but not really kind of story, but if you can accept that, and in fact enjoy animated blood (because the animation of the blood really tells you a lot about how good the anime will be and this one - oh boy this one has it all!
they used very different styles on animations- they really went out of their way to mix it up, and that just glued my eyes to the screen!
i also like the different body style- while one can already see the - what i call "beautiful, flat and mass-produced" style - think of Vampire Knight, Ouran High School Host Club, Uragiri Boku no name shitteru etc - they all have the same style of faces and bodies, that's the style i mean-
and kurozuka is not in that style which i really find refreshing!

first things first kurozuka is pretty much a love story- with all the drama and politics around them (well in fact it has some star wars kind of element to it.
the characters are amazing- not just the animation but their actual development is just fascinating
and kuro is really an amazing character to have his story told.
the end is not that surprising if you are familiar with japanese story-telling but the way you go there makes it worth for
and the richness of the animation!
also my most favorite and sadly long gone Shiozawa Kaneto is doing a great job just as usual! and i so admire his voice- he could talk all to me the time - though that might make me unable to do anything but you know being horny *blushes*

please give it a try- it deserves your attention!

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