Jan. 22nd, 2017

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so wolf guy is an anime from 1992/1993 and based on the novels and mangas with the same name.
i personally only know about the mangas though and they are amazing, so yes i will be the first to say that i had high expectations and as far as story goes i was not disappointed- it is a good spinoff of the original.
however, and i have to speak bluntly- 20 minutes never felt this long.
and i'm not able to say why - which simply baffles me
the animation, given the time it was made is not bad; maybe i should have watched it with more focus? i don't know.
what i am amazed of is how you can see the ground works for wolf's rain in that anime.
what i really enjoyed was the variations of love they showed, and it can manifest in all it's different ways- and loyalty and how it manifests in us.
over all it's not a bad OVA- but even if it's not that long, it still takes time to watch it- it is not watched easily!

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