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this list is going to be sorted by paring with the new fics showing up at the end of the list for now and nothing else- because really i cant be bothered to figure out how to sort it best right now (give me some time, and i will come up with some crazy system i'm sure about it)


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hi folks!
yes i am doing fine but new job is a lot to learn and life is really going by fast!
i am only here to grin and gloat and share an absolutely insignificant achievement with [personal profile] darkravenwrote

raven will get it )

all i got to say
*me rushes by because i really should be in bed....
hope you have a great time!
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and wish you a happy easter- here is the simple explanation why i am so attached to lj and how it works

so i hope dw gets some more of the lj features - please dw let me schedule my posts!!!!)

and for you lovely ppl-
i have to go to work now and then i go home and tonight will just be horrible and then tuesday will even be worse- but what can i do...
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thank you so much for all your nice wishes and your nice gifts, you folks totally made my day and i want to thank you for that from the bottom of my heart!

thanks to all the people )

also as a notice:
i will be away for the easter weekend and not be back before tuesday night- i will once again have no pc, no internet and enjoy time with my family and cat.

and then i "might" be away from the 28th till the 2end of may- gaining pc access once again at night after work.
this is bad since dw does not allow me to schedule entries - what the fuck is up with that really? - so [community profile] hp_shoreofangst will post regularly over at lj but might be posting late here at dw. an official announcement over at [community profile] hp_shoreofangst shall be made once i know for certain and set in stone, so far this is just a "plan".

and now i have to go and do other stuff before tomorrow comes way to soon.
have a nice time
and THANK YOU all again!
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and now i am drowning in all the things - i try to do the organizing thing and work from high priority to low and from now to later but really it's TOO much and i have a busy week and i need to deal with real life shit too- so please have patience with me, i shall try to answer and do all the things i promised i would do, it just may take some time!
thank you for the understanding!

ps: yes my weekend was very lovely and absolutely awesome and stress-less and i did a lot of cuddling with my fine feline queen and i managed to prove to myself that when i want to and when i focus i can do all the things (like reading more than 450pages in 2 days) awesome weekend indeed! and i will have some pc-off weekends in the future again, because it is so WORTH it!
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i am not one to be easily scared, and i am not yet sure where i fall in this all but i am mostly only on lj and i dont want to lose you nice folks so i will tell you that i am now here:

smirkingcat on dw
and all my stuff should now be there too *fingers crossed for that*
i am kinda sad as i finally GOT a new layout that i like and now i might not going to keep it, but maybe this too will come to nothing?

also does anyone know how i feed: that on dw?

also : ShoreOFAngst is also now on dw!
(i will make official announcement later i have to get to work)
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Title: Negotiations and the Arrangement
Author: [ profile] inspired_being
Reader: [ profile] smirkingcat
Cover Art:[ profile] capitu
Rating: PG-13
Length: 12:42 min
Summary: Draco only has one option left to get a somewhat normal life and Harry is willing to make an arrangement.
Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy (implied)
Disclaimer:Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.
CC: Moth to the Flame by Scomber

Click cover for m4b download or follow this link to the mp3 download.

Title: Do you feel the same?
Author: [ profile] inspired_being
Reader: [ profile] smirkingcat
Rating: PG
Length: 10:12 min
Summary: Draco's girlfriend cheats on him and he swear off girls. Meanwhile he has has caught Harry's keen eye and can't seem to shake a frightful feeling.
Pairing(s): Draco Malfoy/Pansy Parkinson; Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Disclaimer:Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.
CC:Snow bubble blanket for Violet Town by Wired Ant.

Click cover for m4b download or follow this link to the mp3 download.

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[ profile] hd_owlpost Gift from: [ profile] smirkingcat
Title: Change of Status Quo
Summary: After a summer of silence, suddenly Malfoys invaded Harry's life again. This time it was his life that was about to be changed.
Word Count: 7.443
Rating: PG
Contains: (Highlight to view) *innuendos, fluff, fun*
Notes: Thanks to the mods for their shear endless patience with me and for year after year bringing this lovely fest back!
Thanks to mft for the quick beta and all the cheerleading!
Dear [ profile] kikimay, sadly I was not really able to work your prompts in, but I tried to put as much of your likes into it, as I was able too! Please enjoy and have a very merry Christmas time!

Change of Status-Quo )
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so maybe you have noticed my absence and short replies and being not really active, posting nothing and writing and podficing even less (at least i partly did my modding duties, right?)
well that was because i was super busy trying to get a new job, which i can now happily state that i have!
yes this cat managed to land herself a nice good and secure new job!
it is still sales, because i like that very much, but i will now sell ppl very nice, high quality bathroom furniture! i am very excited about that!
if i manage to survive the first 3 months- because dont get me wrong it will be a hard job, and once again during work hours i will not be around because i'm neither allowed my cell or internet use- the job will be mine for as long as i want to <3 now what are you saying to that- WITH the high probability that i will become head of the department of bathroom furniture in the next 2 years! it is a fantastic chance for me and a new future and a big step in my life.
it also opens the possibility of me moving by july because as you know i have to be out of the flat by 30.8. so that will be a relief!
so yes that happened, besides health issues with my shoulder, and me finally going home to my cat for some days this weekend.

also i know writers always are looking for inspiration i have to share this with you:
10hours of everything
this is a youtube channel with 10h long sound tracks
i particularly recommend:
10h of nordic music if you are into it, you will like it

and with that i really dont have much to say...because i was busy life happened nearly without me, so yeah...
uhhh- just remembered:

Claiming for the SoA-Fest is OPEN!!!
clicky )
Fest- Timeline:
Prompting: February
Claiming: March 1st - April 5th
Works due: April 10th
Posting: May 1st

[ profile] hp_shoreofangst is still open for claiming and there are so many good prompts! so if you want to be part and spread a little tension with whatever paring/character you like check out the amazing prompt- lists and write a couple of words, draw a couple of lines, read a couple of sentences- as usual everything goes!

but that now really is it from me
i hope you are all doing good, and i wish you the best of times!

ps: have you seen my new lj-design? do you like it? i am happy with it and i think it kinda suits me, but not to sure about it, if you have an opinion please share!
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OMG you guys you have to go and see that. it's a japanese movie in two parts and i have to warn you there is gore, and blood and stuff it's more blood than real gore but you have been warned by me that there is gore, it also depends because i dont know either maze-runner or divergent besides that they are survival things of the youth- that is also the troupe of this movie- you will for certain like it.
why i first got into the movie was because i knew that Hongo Kanata (Akagi, Yakee-kun to megane-chan) was starring it it. and he does the movie proud- really from what i have seen of him, i can only complement him on his acting, he is very good in all the different roles, and always manages to give the role he plays a hit of there being more- but always fitting to the character- i am so amazed by him and his acting skill.

the movie itself is fantastic too! and unexpected at so many points. for example so often i was like: "ah yes, and now that happens" but then something completely different happened and it was soo good! there are of course some points that are predictable, but show me a movie that isn't and then we can talk about it again.

i also liked the end, and the meta-message of it, but also the fucking premises on how it got to how it was!
if you like dystopian movies with blood an a little bit of gore, you have to watch attack on titan- fair warning tough: i got my movies through the interwebs and you know and i got both with subtitles, because it amuses me to read how others translate stuff- the subtitles for the 2ned movie are not even close to what is said, it lets you follow the plot and gives you the information you might need, but its not what is said. still the CGI (at points overdone and cringe-worthy if you are prone to notice it) and the story is worth watching it!

watching this in the spare free time i set away, was worth it!
whcih i guess at this point is obvious XD"
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so i started at university back in 06 and i was all entuhsiastic and all totally THERE and FUN!
and well see what has happened then:

i think that explains my busyness somewhat XD
and yes stroke order is fucking important even now- and it is bloody annoying
and yes i am fighting the 5-sign-length beast- and it has to many heads sometimes,
gosh i adore it when i dont freak out about it
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hello dear f-list-
i know i have been absent and silent, and not a good friend, and now that i show up again it's just a short interlude to please bother you, if you may be able to help me.
because i once again have to seek your help in obtaining an article I desperately need, but simply an not get my hands on it.
If anyone could please help me, I would be eternally grateful.

The article I would need is:

Language Intervention After Thirty Years Of Isolation: A Case Study Of A Feral Child
written by
Shannon M. Kenneally, Gina E. Bruck, Elaine M. Frank and Lily Nalty
in the journal:
Education and Training in Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
Vol. 33, No. 1 (March 1998), pp. 13-23

Thank you for your help!
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banner done by [ profile] kitty_fic

Fest- Timeline:
Prompting: February
Claiming: March 1st
Works due: April 10th
Posting: May 1st

So please come and leave your amazing prompts!
All pairings, all characters, all verses!
Also please note: the Angst- thing is just a hook for the com (it does welcome dark-fic) but the general definition that is applied for Angst is a moment of tension and each story needs that, right?

Also please if you feel so inclined help spread the word- me as a slash - trio-era writer, mostly has no clue about where to find the het- not-trio-ear people hanging out!
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its awesome! and perfect and sooo cool!
and yes you totally have to go and leave nice prompts over at SoA and also check out the nice prompt list i made!

Rules and greater Details about the Fest
Fest- Timeline:
Prompting: February
Claiming: March 1st
Works due: April 10th
Posting: May 1st

smirkingcat: (deadline)
because omg i'm going there and i'm going to host my first fest ever and please let me not completely bollux it up XD"""

but anyway- lets make room for the shiny banner:
*dusts the floor*

Fest- Timeline:
Prompting: February
Claiming: March 1st
Works due: April 10th
Posting: May 1st

all help, tips and of course PROMPTS and ENTRIES highly appreciated
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fuck me! i really am stupid
so dear f-list, is anyone doing the "oh that is a nice picture i totally save it to my hard drive- game with hd pictures??

because you remember back in september i posted this post sharing some nice hd-pictures (two of them one a kissing gif the other one with a very nice hung!harry with a lion tattoo)

and i am writing a story to that!
but because me really is i dont know the level of stupidity i have to charge myself with anymore, i did not save those- i saved TONS of others but not those two *headdesks until the stupidity dies*

anyone able to help me, pretty please?
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i was researching something and trying to find a good character look that fits the image in my head and then i found these two amazing gems:

marauders )
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so i read that a lot of people are more comfortable over at dreamwidth-
sadly i have to say i'm not one of them.
here is the stuff i wonder about- and maybe some folks on my f-list can sent me tips where i can get my information from over? that would be really awesome.

what this cat needs from dreamwidth to maybe come to like it )

all the tips will be highly appreciated from me!
thank you so much!
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ok so this one has a bit of a story, and i know i told it before, but just to catch you up- if you are interested:

why i had to watch twilight *sigh* )

so to survive watching all of these movies i made a list as i watched them about all that annoys me!
be aware if you are a fan of those movies- then this is not for you to read. i don't enjoy romance movies at all (star was is something special). from the get go these movies didn't really stand a chance with me.
what i will grant them - fair is fair - the wolves animations are pretty neat and nice to look at!

135 reasons why twilight sucked )
that is all i'm ever going to say about those movies ever again!

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